Mobile Development

Mobile Lab #1 - Design Elements

Element Default Event Records Data Type Max/Min
Button button1 "On" or "Off" Boolean value "Off"/"On"
Text Input text_input1 Text within "placeholder" string N/A
Label label1 Text within "text" string N/A
Dropdown Menu "on change" Text within "options" string N/A
Radio Button radio_button1 "On" or "Off" Boolean value "Off"/"On"
Check Box checkbox1 "Checked" or "Unchecked" Boolean value "Unchecked"/"Checked"
Image image1 Image url string N/A
Canvas canvas1 N/A string N/A
Screen screen1 Background color and image url string N/A
Text Area text_area1 Text within "text" string N/A
Chart chart1 N/A string N/A
Slider slider1 Value of "value" number "Min" value/"Max" value

Mobile Lab #2 - Paint Pot

Mobile Lab #3 - Text Adventure

Mobile Lab #4 - Whack-a-Squirrel!

Mobile Lab #5 - Calculator

Question Answers:

  1. The variables being used for this project are as follows: "inputOne", "inputTwo", "firstInput", "operation", and "calcText".
  2. The code “parseInt()” helps run the program by converting the program's string inputs (i.e. the "number" inputs from the buttons) into actual numbers that can be used in standard javascript code to calculate other number values.
  3. Events that were initially specified in the given code were those for the "1", "2", "+", "=", and "Clear" buttons. I needed to add events for all the other buttons (numbers 3-9, "0", "-", "*", "/", and ":-)").